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About Us

After attending college at The University of Toledo, majoring in Film and Video Production, Ken Boggs decided to start his own small business.  During 2003 he began by filming weddings and events for family and friends.  A few referals later and he had built up a moderate clientel list.  By the end of 2003 he started Inspired Image Video and it soon became his full time business.  Since that time, Inspired Image Video has had experience filming hundreds of events such as weddings, sporting events, school plays, dance recitals, ballet theatre, opera and various commercial and website projects.  Since Inspired Image's inception Ken's goal has always remained the same..... to provide clients with an outstanding final product.

In order to achieve an outstanding finished product one must begin by choosing the proper equipment, that is why all the products and equipment we operate are professional level. Superb imagery and exceptional audio are obtained with broadcast quality digital cameras and a variety of professional microphones.  We use the same award winning software that current major motion film-makers utilize.

To facilitate operation of technical equipment there needs to be an equivalency in skill and experience, and our staff of professionals apply both attributes to every project and event.  Every detail is scrutinized, from the correct exposure and white balance during filming to the use of an appropriate graphic element or transition during the editing process.  Whatever the project may be, we strive to create a product that exceedes expectations.